Introducing the ExoLens Case: Perfect for the Everyday Photographer

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — The ExoLens Team is happy to announce a new addition to the line of ExoLens products — the ExoLens Case for iPhone 6/6s . The ExoLens Case not only transforms the iPhone into a photography and videography tool through a unique interchangeable lens system, but also through the protective case–shielding the device from drops and scratches.

With the ExoLens Case, users will be able to easily twist on a lens and quickly swap to another lens in seconds – never missing the perfect photo or video. The sleek and stylish design gives the case a sophisticated appearance both with and without a lens attached — perfect for an iPhone user looking to get his or her feet wet in mobile photography.

Available now on and, the ExoLens Case for iPhone 6/6S comes in two kits — a 2-lens kit and a 4-lens kit. Priced at $69.95, the 2-lens kit comes with a wide-angle and a marco lens. The 4-lens kit includes a telephoto lens and polarizing filter in addition to the wide-angle and macro lenses for $99.95. (Note: ExoLens Bracket lenses are not compatible with the ExoLens case). A version for the iPhone 6/6S Plus will be available in April.

The ExoLens team is excited to launch this everyday case and photography tool to continue to bring dynamic, creative possibilities to mobile phone photography.

Buy the ExoLens Case now!

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