What size tripod fits the bottom threaded hole?

A standard ¼ 20 tripod (the most common tripod)

Will this work with a headphone mounted flash like iBlazr?

Yes, ExoLens allows full access to the headphone jack.

The Telephoto lens refocuses more than the normal iPhone

The telephoto was designed to have a narrower depth of field. This means that the subject of your image will be in perfect focus while other objects will appear out of focus. This makes for very compelling portraits and zoom photos. Since a more narrow section of the field of view is in focus, the iPhone will have to refocus more if the iPhone is moved slightly. We recommend locking the focus (hold one’s finger down on the screen prior to shooting) or try using a tripod with the telephoto lens.

Can I use ExoLens with the case already on my phone?

Due to the wide variety of iPhone cases we could only make ExoLens so that it fits the iPhone without a case.

iPhone 6s Compass Issue with Edge Mount

Some users may experience compass issues while using ExoLens with the iPhone 6s. Should you encounter any issues, please contact our customer service team at customerservice@exolens.com for a replacement

Does the Edge Mount Work with Screen Protectors?

The Edge mount is not intended for use with screen protectors, films, or cases. However our ExoLens bracket mounts with ¼ 20" are intended for use with screen protectors.

Jet Black Device Update

We have found that the Jet Black iPhone® 7 is slightly thicker than the other colors. If you have a Jet Black iPhone® 7 and feel that the Exo bracket fits too tightly, please contact our customer service team at customerservice@exolens.com to receive a complimentary modified gel liner.