How the Cloud can Complement Mobile Photography

Written by Jenny Holt

The smartphone has changed how you take and use photographs. From an era of printing and posting to an era of uploading and emailing, it’s now possible to instantly share photos on social media be it Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. ExoLens has made high quality photos possible on smartphones, but what if you want to take more photos without uploading them straight to social media or an amount that’ll exceed your phone’s memory?


ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS for iPhone 6S Plus, Macro lens

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud computing takes memory out of chips in your phone or on your tablet computer and instead stores information remotely on a giant supercomputer facility. This gives an account holder near unlimited storage capacity, a secure means of saving data without it falling into the wrong hands, and immediate backup if the phone is lost or damaged. Furthermore, data stored on a cloud can be accessed from any device you desire in any location so long as you have the correct username and password combination.

There are a wide range of Cloud Storage providers on the market, and the number is bound to grow. These include:

* Shoebox

* Google Photos

* Flickr

* Apple iCloud Photo Library

* Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Photos

All this gives you the opportunity to take as many photos as you want and store them or share them however you like. While the storage is unlimited, it will not help you prolong your smartphone’s battery life.


ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS, Telephoto lens

When Photography is Your Job

Like with writing, there are those who have the more fun image of the job. They explore ideas, people, and places, and they take photos for essays, journals, books, and gallery exhibitions. But there are also those who take photos of buildings for a real estate agent, who have to photograph news events, travel photography for magazines, and so on.

For businesses or professional photographers, the invention of the cloud is revolutionizing working practices. This crosses over to information, data, and document sharing too, but for now, let’s stick to photographs. You have your ExoLens to capture creative angles of a house your real estate firm may try to sell. Traditionally, you would have to email the pictures or wait to get back to the office. However, now it is possible to just upload them to the cloud where those shared into the file can just pluck them and use them – possibly to show potential home buyers who are currently looking with that agent before it’s even gone on the site.

The same principle works with news teams, and any company with operatives and Sales Representatives out in the field. Real time, instant data sharing is now possible on the cloud, meaning your photos can be accessed and used much quicker and with you having to personally email or send the right people. This can work with families and loved ones too, so you can share holiday snapshots or daily life pics with them without anyone else seeing.

On set with Apple, using ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS, Wide-Angle and Telephoto lenses

On set with Apple, using ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS, Wide-Angle and Telephoto lenses

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