Eric Zhang: Life of the Traveling Architect

Since the launch of our ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS lenses, we have seen thousands of amazing images from users around the globe through the #ZEISSExoLens hashtag. From Dubai to Bangkok, the UK to the United States, we are always pleased to see how far fetching the product has gone.

Eric Zhang is an architect that splits his time among Beijing, London, and Madrid. He has been an ExoLens user since the ZIESS lenses came out and has been stunning us with his photos on his Instagram (@ericube23). We wanted to know more about how this architect became passionate about photography, and how he gets high quality results from his iPhone.

How did you first get into photography?

EZ: Well, I got my very first film camera when I was 12 and first digital one when I was 18. But I never really took photos seriously, just some random shots with paying almost no attention to anything. And one day, I was deeply attracted by Yusuke Shimura’s work which was a series called Magictime shot in New York. And then, I decided to take photos just like he did, I remember that was around 2007. Since then I have been getting into photography more and more.

What fuels your passion for taking pictures? What inspires you?

EZ: Well, I think those really nice photos are the best fuels for me. They make me want to go out to shoot every time when I see photos I love. And those photographers such as Yusuke Shimura mentioned earlier and Finn Beales, Rich Stapleton and many others on Flickr, Instagram or 500px they inspire me quite a lot. I have been learning so much by just watching their works and trying to get similar results.

Do architecture and photography cross paths for you?

EZ: I can’t say in a very clear way how these two things affect each other on me, but I do believe chasing something that you really love and crazy about existing in both fields. I have to say, being an architect might make me slightly easier to find those different perspectives of the buildings in the city or some unique places to see the city in a different way.

Do you have any tricks or tips when taking mobile photography?

EZ: I often shoot under exposure a little bit when using my iPhone. With the new iPhone 7 Plus, I shoot serious photos in raw format via Lightroom mobile. The raw format (.dng files) gives me a great space to work on those images later when doing post productions on the iPhone or my Mac. I’m able to recover those dark shadows without over-exposing the highlights which the .jpg files could not deliver the same quality results.

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